FanOne creates personally owned apps for celebrities and influencers. Our team was founded by entertainment experts, creators with a large following and a talented group of developers. FanOne’s mission is to allow creators to regain control over their platforms and not be at the mercy of social media giants that they helped create.


We understand the frustration that comes with sudden Instagram algorithm changes; or the constant fluctuation in YouTube CPMs; or even when users subscribe to receive notifications and then don’t receive them! These issues are unacceptable, our individual apps aim to solve these problems so that creators can focus on what's important. Content!

We offer our service to anyone with a large following to help them generate new revenue streams through monthly subscriptions, in-app purchases, giveaways and new merch lines with no upfront cost. The app development is free and in return FanOne receives a reasonable profit split of the revenue we help you generate.

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 Email Us: contact.fanone@gmail.com   |   250 Lett Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada